Embodied Energy Healing

Integrating the artistry of ancient healing techniques with the intuitive skills of a compassionate practitioner

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Medical Intuitive Reading

Medical Intuition is a powerful tool that utilizes a detailed step-by-step method to track energy in the body and source the root cause of symptoms or health concerns. You'll often find the following benefits from a body scan:

Information to plan your health care.

A body report that gives information on the root causes of illness and illness.

Insight into blocks, old patterns, or even a chronic illness that prevents healing.

Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic Records have also been referred to as “the Book of Life” in ancient spiritual and religious texts. It is believed they hold the energetic records of all of the events that have taken place on earth, as well as all of the lives that been lived, including your own. They hold extensive information about past lives and present lives, a view of a chronical of a soul’s entire history on the planet.


Focalizing is a healing modality that offers participants the opportunity to completely reinvent their lives by resolving the barriers that prevent them from experiencing their fullest potential of Mindful Vitality.

These barriers vary widely among individuals and can include stress, depression, anxiety, traumatic events, relationship and intimacy barriers.

Bringing these blocks to resolution offers participants a creative tool that supports the ability to access levels of awareness that allow them to act and make decisions that are deeply informed by their body and whole being.

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