The experience of trauma is the existence of past events living in the present body.

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What is Focalizing?

It is a gentle body-based approach to healing from trauma connecting with the inner wisdom of the body.

Focalizing offers participants a creative tool that gently supports their ability to tap into the awareness of their own body’s innate wisdom.

The Focalizing Process

You do not have to relive your trauma to heal it.

A session begins with an intention to uncover blocks that are keeping one from living the fullest expression of themselves. The practitioner assists the client in moving into a grounded space where the mind is allowed to rest and the body is encouraged to speak.

A step-by-step guided safe and supported process that allows the body's innate healing capabilities to help uncover the blocks that are at the heart of an issue

Assists and empowers participants to awaken to the messages of the body and to tap into their own ability to heal

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