Akashic Records

“ I am not sure I believe in the afterlife, although I am bringing a change of underwear” ~ Woody Allen

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The Book of Life

The Akashic Records have also been referred to as “the Book of Life” in ancient spiritual and religious texts.  It is believed they hold the energetic records of all of the events that have taken place on earth, as well as all of the lives that been lived, including your own.  They hold extensive information about past lives and present lives, a view of a chronical of a soul’s entire history on the planet. 

Akashic Records reading – what to expect/benefits:

A reading of the Akashic Records begins with a very specific intention to obtain answers regarding a particular issue in your current life that is having either a puzzling or negative impact on your daily activities of life.  

A reading consists of obtaining information from several lifetimes and will often weave together events from those lifetimes that tell a story providing an answer to a specific question about a current life situation.

People often experience insights and “aha” moments regarding their current life experiences, including receiving specific recommendations for mitigating old beliefs, behaviors or karmic decisions that no longer serve them.

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